Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Isn't it amazing how fast things can go from ok to complete crap? Our illustrious housing office (we live in base housing, part of the package they used to get my husband to come up here to this dump ) decided that even though it is supposed to top over 100 tomorrow, they needed to do some maintenance that they said they fixed in March and we will not have power from 9-5. They tell my husband this at 4 Monday afternoon. And this house is built crappy, it is like a tomb. I hate that housing office with a passion anyways, they have done nothing but screw us since we got here. Which is anohter story. So, we will be without power all day in the middle of a heat wave. So, since we have to pay them for our electricity, we submitted a claim to have our rent prorated and our lost food costs reimbursed and the money we have to pay to the hotel I have to take the kids to reimbursed. Our renters insurance doesnt cover planned outages for some reason. Oh, and then I call the Protea Cottage in Salt Lake City where I have my birthday Afternoon Tea reservations and we are told that they redid the menu and do not allow children in during the day anymore so they canceled our reservations! Two weeks ago! And never told us and charged our CC! I am so pissed and have no idea what to do now. I guess I can figure it out while I am sitting in a crappy hotel room with three antsy kids for 8 hours. Oh, and pray my animals make it through the heat and my fish don't suffocate because their filters dont work.


Jen C said...

never was a fan of base housing, we always went on the list and by the time the called us we were being transferred somewhere else... My sympahties with the kids, hopefully the have a pool at the motel if not bring all the DVD's. finding nemo and flubber stop my kids dead in their tracks. Praying for you....

Anna said...

I am so sorry! ((HUGS))

It's never fun to be out of electricity in the heat. This happens a lot in our townhome complex, but it's never planned. And everyone gets a little rowdy during the blackouts. It's scary...and HOT.

As for the birthday reservations, it would've been nice of them to tell you, but if they don't want your kids around, then they don't deserve your business.

And because you need them, here are some more ((HUGS))