Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two Socks and a Sulcata

This is our African Sulcata, Pablo, who has snuck into the house again!!! he loves to come inside and eat dog food, sleep on the cat's bed, and bang his head on the refrigerator door to remind me to give him his romaine! He was hanging out under the computer desk nipping at my toes to give him his breakfast!
The finished socks! I am terribly proud of myself for these and my daughter is very happy. I think you can actually see my dirty little secret in this picture: I have no idea how to do the Kitchener stitch! Not a clue, I use the three needle bind off. I have tried to do that kitchener stitch over and over, but it always looks awful. If we lived closer to actual civilization I could take a class. i am really praying that the Boeing job comes through.
I cannot start any new projects! My wrist did one of its swelly numbers today. Sometimes I forget I have Lupus and then sometimes I am reminded ten fold. So I am just going to sit here and listen to Air America and try not be grumpy because I cannot knit anything!


Jen C said...

Socks look great and don't worry about the kitchner. I haven't figured out either and dont let it bother me. Rest take it easy, Hope you feel better soon.

Anna said...

The socks look lovely.

Don't know if this will help you with the Kitchener stitch, but the place I heard it explained best is on the Lion Brand site.

Print out the pattern for their basic magic stripes sock (think that's what it's called...I did this ages ago!) and I found that the explanation in the pattern is the most helpful out of all the resources I've read. I keep that worn, tattered pattern with me whenever I make socks. It's really come in handy!