Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Needle Wednesday

We survived the hotel hell ! It wasn't too bad, the kids got a little testy towards the end. We got home to a house full of power, apparently it had been on for hours but no one told us. There was also two more surprises waiting for me on my doorstep. New needles from Knit Picks and letter telling us we would not have power tomorrow either (did I mention how much I hate it here?). I guess since they knocked off early, they get to come back tomorrow and do it all over again!
I digress, back to the needle story; I have needles in the coveted "off sizes" for socks, sz 1 at 2.25 mm and sz. 2 at 2.75 mm. How cool is that? I have been looking for these everywhere. They are almost half sizes really. Everyone go get some before they run out.
Almost my birthday and the HP book party!! I am hoping my husband just gives it up and gets me a gift certificate from some place cool like Wool Girl or yarn 4 Socks. Unfortunately for me, I can't leave the house tomorrow because Boeing is sending another package that I have to sign for, so it will be my in the dark and hot ( I guess I don't need to mention how much I hate this place). But, I got a lot of knitting done today and probably tomorrow too.
These are just gratuitous shots of Glynis the Menace after being in a hotel room with her all day.
My pet rats!!!!Yes I have pet rats and I love them very much.


Anna said...

You have such a cute kid! Just focus on the knitting...

Jen C said...

Cute Rats, animal and human:) found this link thought you might like