Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th Extravaganzas and Broken Wings

For the 4th, we decided to keep it excruciatingly simple. After the "Broken Glass" incident, I was not ready for anything that contained screaming children, bright lights, or loud noises. The Broken Glass incident being: Glynis found a glass, proceeded to smash it to chunks, then obligingly sliced her finger deep enough for me to hyperventilate and warrant a mad dash (all 45 minutes of it) to the pediatrician to get steri- stripped and pink bandaged). Then we came home exhausted with post panic jitters and gave the child every item of junk food in the house.

So, after this Joy of Parenthood moment, we thought that a nice walk would do everyone some good. It meant I had to put away my sock, (yes, the SECOND sock, which I actually started and I am halfway through the leg). So, we went on a walk............and saw lots of snakes and lots of baby deer. i swear those deer breed like rabbits. There were baby deer everywhere! In little sets of two. Very cute, though it did make the walk a bit poopy.

On a yarn note: I finally broke down and order "My Vie In Rose" from Sock Pixie. I cannot wait for that to get here! And, I am really hoping that today is the day that Wool Girl
gets in her Harry Potter sock yarns. i am very excited about that, plus, she carries lavender hand balm, and I cannot resist anything lavender. So, hope is springing eternal around here!

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Anna said...

Oh, I hope she's all right. I can totally imagine how freaked out that would make any parent.

That sock yarn is very very pretty. I love all things rose-colored.

At my work, we have geese sightings nearly everyday. That sure makes for a poopy walk!