Friday, July 6, 2007

Second Sock......OTN

My second sock is on the needles!!! hard as it was not to just go ahead and knit up something with my Sock Pixie yarn, I gritted my teeth and fought hard against SSS, and won. Yea me. I think I should be done alot sooner with this one, than the first one, though I still have Harry Potter hats calling me all over the place. Luckily, or unluckily, I am still (yes, still) waiting for my Patternworks order. I have pretty much given up. I imagine it will get here three weeks after the new book comes out or some such nonsense. I did order more Encore, I just went to Webs. Their shipping is a little scary, almost 8 bucks to get 4 skeins of Encore, but I have it in 2 days. So no complaining, here, take the money!!!
Still no HP sock yarn, but Jennifer at Wool Girl is so nice, it is impossible to be angry or annoyed, so just pleasantly waiting for the opportunity to throw money at her, too. Sock Pixie yarn shipped today, I hope it is here on Monday so I can flaunt it all over this blog.
I booked the hotel yesterday in SLC. I can't wait......we are staying the night there because it is my birthday, which, happily enough coincides with the midnight release parties for the new HP book. I can't wait, I need a vacation and a break. I am going to the Black Sheep and buying all the Panda Cotton I can stand. I really need this vacation, all my husband does is work overtime and sleep, so I am stuck in this horribly hot place with three bored kids in the middle of nowhere, Utah.
So I am really praying that the Boeing job that they keep dangling in front of my husband comes through. How nice to be back among civilization. All I want it to buy my own house, somewhere quiet in the South, with a porch and a sun room, and a couple of trees of my very own. And maybe a chicken. Somewhere where there is no wrong religion and political affiliation, like we seem to be Somewhere I don't have to hide in the house all summer because it is too hot and all it does is cause flareups and swollen joints. It is topping over 100 here everyday. Well, enough feeling sorry for myself, back to my happy sock.

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Anna said...

Happy Birthday!

I love the colors in that sock yarn!

I too am eagerly anticipating the new HP book!