Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rain and a Vacuum Cleaner

The heat is finally starting to break! It is even raining, complete with thunder and occasional lightning. It is such a nice break, but as soon as this storm passes, it will go back to being hellishly hot, now with humidity. So I am enjoying it while I can. So is crazy Lucifer. He has been working himself up watching the birds play in the rain. It is early morning and all the kids, including the baby are still asleep. I have a late sleeping baby. That gives me about an hour in the morning to drink coffee and try to wake up. The two older ones sleep until noon or so. How nice is that?
My bearded dragon, Rupert. I have no idea why I stuck that picture there. I just did. So, there he is, waiting for his crickets. I received in the mail yesterday and read completely ( I am an insomniac) a book called Peony In Love by Lisa See.
It was very good,which surprised me. It is about a girl in China in the 17th Century waiting on her arranged marriage. She dies and spends years following the man she was meant to marry around. So, much of it is told from the point of view of a ghost, which was really interesting. What it is really about is love and its many forms. Such a different book! Very refreshing. In the end, the author explains how there was a rash of deaths of young girls that were called the lovesick maidens. What they really were doing was starving themselves. Ugh, so there you go. That is how one dies of lovesicknesses. Not at all romantic.
Ah, my latest sock. Pay no attention to the dirty chair it is on. Hey, I have a teenager and a toddler. Nothing in my house is clean and if it is, not for long. That is the Retro Rib Sock from Favorite Socks (the sock knitting tome). I really love the green stripe the yarn is creating. This yarn is Northern Nights from Cherry Tree Hill. It is great yarn, my mother in law sent it to me for Xmas. I have never knit with such a dark yarn before, it is a little challenging, but I am getting the hang of it
And lastly, a gratuitous shot of my latest purchase. Yes, it is a Dyson, the Dyson of vacuuming fame. Does it live up to the hype? A resounding YES! This is greatest vacuum ever created EVER. This thing can suck out souls. I got mine at HSN, home of the flex-pay. I will need it to clean this house when we move, Yea , we are moving. We have already started looking for a house online. We are finally going to break down and buy our own house, I can't wait. I am getting a sunroom to knit in and a huge back yard and my very own chicken, for the eggs. See, I am so excited. Hopefully, nothing falls through.
PS. In other socky-goodness news, Sock Pixie has two new yarns just out today. I am resisting because we are supposed to saving money now, but they are as beautiful as the others. Sock-a-licious. But my birthday is on Friday and maybe I will just treat myself.

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Anna said...

That book sounds interesting. I'm going to see if my library has it and put it on hold.

The sock looks great. I love the colors.

I write a lot of real estate news for work. If you're going to look online, make sure you check Realtor.org.

I'm glad to know the Dyson lives up to all the hype. I hope to be getting one myself soon.