Monday, July 9, 2007

New yarn Monday

Yea! The mail came and brought some goodies with it! i finally got my order from Patternworks!! I got an order from Webs, they are always so fast! And my long awaited My Vie In Rose from Sock Pixie. It is absolutely gorgeous! There it is, above and below!! Very pretty! I can't wait to get started on it, which is soon, I think because I am almost done with the Online Sock. I have been beating myself up on which start to start next. Should I do the Tofutsies Sock Club yarn, the Sock Pixie, some panda cotton with a design from My Favorite Socks? It is too much,and I still have all those HP hats to knit, ugh!
The little one has gotten into my stash again and turned a skein of Panda Cotton in to a pet!

Here is my find from this weekend: Panda Cotton in Fall Herbs. I just thought this color way was gorgeous! And so different from what you usually see. I hear some conflicting reports about this yarn, but I figure the only way to form an accurate opinion is to knit it up myself.
My complete haul from this weekend at Three Wishes Yarn Store. Four skiens of Panda Cotton in Fall Herbs and Rosewater and another skein of the Online sock yarn in this cool orange color. No way I could pass that up!

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Anna said...

That Sock Pixie yarn is gorgeous!

So is the little girl. My daughter used to play with the stuff in my stash, too. Anything fuzzy or mohair-ish she would put up to her chin and tell me she grew a beard!