Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hotel Blues

Here I am sitting in a hotel room. Can't complain too much, well, I can, but I won't. The Army Lodge let us have the room for a day for only 15 bucks. I thought that was pretty generous of them. They could have told us to piss off. We even have internet.
The details of the Boeing package back and I must say I am surprised. They are offering about 5 grand less then we expected but here is what they are offering and I think it makes up for it:

Relocation costs plus travel money and a rental car until our cars arrive

They will pay our closing costs on a house and a Boeing mortgage guy

Job assistance placement for me

So.......opinions please!!


Jen C said...

Still not to bad, closing costs alone can be anywhere from $3-6k maybe more depending on various factors. Ours were closer to $6k. Moving and traveling with the kids will cost you a pretty penny too, whether you fly or drive everyone out. I would drive personnaly and enjoy the scenery adn take time to see America(but thats just me). Take the chance it would be worth it to me.

Anna said...

That's more benefits than my company offers...I'd certainly be tempted, especially if you're not happy where you are right now.