Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tea Swap Early Bird Prize ( and a math exam)

0Got my Early Bird tea prize, very nice! Just what I needed to take my mind off things. Cute cute stitch markers, from Alabama Fiber Dreams, ironically enough, some jasmine tea, a tea towel and scone mix! Well, I say, Yea me. And boo on math tests.

Today is my dreaded, yet long awaited math exam. I have to be at the proctors office at 10. There are only so many ways to dread things, but I have covered them all. I have studied, but Math, especially this math, is my absolute worse subject. All I have are my wits and my trusty TI-85 calculator, which was my husband's old calculator in college. I will be soooooooo glad when this is over with, failed or not.


Anna said...

What a lovely prize!

I was never great in math, and when I was a pre-vet major, a lot of my courses involved it. I was much happier when I changed my major to English and Sociology. :D Oh, and I dated a math major once, and I swear he thought I was a dolt because I couldn't do complicated multiplication in my head!

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

YOu got a great prize! CONGRATULATIONS!

I hate maths... ;-)

Channon said...

I'm glad you passed the math tests, and that the package arrived in one piece!