Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have no pictures (sorry)

We made it to Alabama and survived the trip. 5 days in a mini-van with 3 grumpy kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 15 rats, 4 tortoises, and one grumpy ass hamster. We kept all of our suitcases on the roof, so of course, Murphy's Law dictated it RAIN the entire trip. Which it did. And when it wasn't, the air was like bath water. We are still getting used to the humidity ( by not leaving the apartment).
Did I mention a bag of wool was ruined by the rain? Including my Wallaby pattern!!!
We stayed in a few really nice hotel (Homewood) and a few bad ones (Econo Inn), complete with giant cockroaches. It is the south and the humidity makes things bigger, I guess.
But we made it!
We are still in corporate housing, which is in reality a three bed room apartment, which is nice, except it is not a home and we feel a little disjointed and temporary, the way you do when you are unrooted and unfamiliar. But it beats a hotel. My poor 12 year old terrier cannot walk up the steps to the door so he must be carried on every walk. Which is humiliating for both of us.
But we are enjoying be soooooo close to things. We can even go to Target! Whenever we want! And not Walmart, TARGET! Which, I may add, is a Super Target.
I am struggling to keep up with my course work, and I need to find a testing agency soon, but what I really want is my house to close so I can stop feeling uncomfortable about this place and our smuggled animals
Oh, and my sock club yarn to get here. I want that too!!


Anna said...

I'll say a prayer for you and your family for the house.

They're finally building a Super Wal-mart where I live, and I'm not that far from Baltimore! And I didn't even know they had Super Targets! I'm jealous!

And I do believe that humidity makes bugs bigger. I grew up in New England and the crickets were tiny. In Maryland, they're monsters. They freak me out!

Jen C said...

Yeap in the south all bugs are bigger, what til you see the sqeeters... and are they cockroaches or waterbugs, there actually two different bugs alltogether. We are all waiting for the sock club apparently so don't feel to left out. I was just thinking the other day, how you were going to move all the critters east, Now I know. You have my heartfelt sympathies and prayers with your move...

wendy said...

you poor thing I feel for you I hope the house closes soon!!!

Jen C said...

I have been finding them on Ravelry mostly as new groups pop up. Your invite should be soon!! There is also a link in on of the KR forums for a website that lists the various KAL's and swaps going on or starting with their links. I am actually almost done with most of them and way swapped out for the year. No more(I keep saying this, 2 swaps ago) until next year.