Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anyone tried?

My latest projects....................the second Embossed Leaves sock for my MIL! And the Misty Garden scarf in mohair yarn. Yum yum.....
I really really want to learn this method? Anyone else able to do it? There is a class at the LYS in Huntsville and I can't wait to sign up for it, but in the meantime there is this book!! That LYS in Huntsville looks awesome!! I can't wait! The house we are buying is 1.5 miles from it. I checked, that was a big selling point! Must be near Yarn Expressions! Hopefully, the people there will not think I am a goon and a loser@!


Anna said...

I've never knit socks on circs. It seems sort of scary to me.

That scarf is gorgeous. I love the color. It looks so soft and warm. (Can you tell I'm in a freezing office at the moment??)

Meg in North AL said...

Silly girl! I promise we don't think you're a goof or a loon. Jill (red hair, glasses) makes two socks on two circs all the time. If you hit stumbling blocks, stop by, she can help.

Meg at YE