Saturday, June 30, 2007

Socks and other problems ................

These socks haunt my dreams a bit....they are the Embossed Leaves Socks from the Interweave Favorite Socks book. It is a bit unfair, I think. They look too hard, what with that star toe and all. But, undoubtedly I will get bored as soon as I finish the socks I am on and attempt to order the yarn for it. But not from Patternworks, because i am still waiting for my Encore!!!!! Yes, still!! Two weeks and counting.. Another one of the benefits of living here (as I tell my husband everyday "It is time to go home!" insert crying fit here). Back to the sock story..............I want to knit these socks but I have two obstacles:
1. Harry Potter.........yes, that Harry Potter. See, with the movie and the book coming out, I feel compelled to knit things Harry Potter-ish, such as hats and such. After the hats, I am going to try and knit some Harry Potter house socks, ala Charmed Knits. And Wool Girl has the yarn, or she will very soon. She even told me so. I have been driving the poor woman crazy, nagging and gnashing my teeth and being altogether very disagreeable. Not really, but she has kindly agreed to let me know as soon as more comes in, which should be early next week. Off topic, that is a nice store. I love looking at her great yarns. I picture my credit card being much abused there. And she is super friendly. I really think yarn stores are the last bastion of customer service.
2. My right pointer infected. And is hurts alot. Why? From being poked too many times with a sock needle. A super sharp Knit Picks Option size 2 sock needle. Ugh, I don't have anything clever to say about this, but there it is.
So, the beautiful socks will be in my future and not the present. Unless all the chemicals leached into the soil here have my sprout extra arms overnight, which, judging by the looks of the local wildlife is entirely possible.

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Anna said...

I, too, love those socks, but have yet to knit them. Mostly because I refuse to cast on anything else until I at least finish one of the things on my WIP list.

I am so looking forward to the Harry Potter book/movie myself, but I don't see myself knitting Harry Potter-ish stuff.

I hope your finger feels better. I love sharp needles, but I hate the finger irritation that goes along with them.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Let me know how you like "The Road." Oh, and I added you to my list of favorite blogs, too!