Thursday, October 18, 2007


We are finally going to close on our house tomorrow!
or, to quote the Bard from the Scottish play:
"tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow".

But, of course, the movers screwed us, because that is how things are for us, so instead of coming tomorrow like they said, they won't be here until Monday. So much for the Boeing super VIP account. This move has been a long awful nightmare from day one. Everything just went wrong, so I am hoping for once, things will start going right.
and we can get out of here and get my stuff back.
On the other hand, I found a great fun knitting group full of friendly interesting people and that has been keeping my sane. And I may be getting a new kitty! Yay!
I think I will name her Agatha.
Double yay!
Hopefully I can post some pictures soon.
Did I mention it was raining? I love the rain! Yay cubed!


Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Congrats on your move and finding a good knitting group to join!!

Looking forward to seeing pics of the future Agatha kitty!!!

Jen C said...

Oh great yeahs and (((huggs))) so glad the closing is going forward!!!

Ps a new sockn swap is opening at Sock It to Me if you want in, check my blog.

meegan said...

I love Agatha for a kitty! I'm curious -- is that after Agatha Christie, Bertie's Aunt Agatha, someone else entirely, or none of the above? And yahoo for the good news!

Anna said...


Wow, can't believe you might get another pet. I can barely handle one kid!