Saturday, February 2, 2008

NO!! I do not know who I am voting for!

SO THERE!! All that hard word and time and exasperation and everything, gone in one Farewell speech from the ghettos of New Orleans. Well, who can blame him? But cheering me up these days is the fact that i have finally learned Magic Loop and I am doing a super fun KAL, called Mitten of The Beast. Apparently, a Christian group saw these mittens and became very upset. So, the crazy kids at the AAC board took it upon themselves to bring a bit more evil into the world and we are all knitting them. Check out our KAL!
Get yourself a copy IK Winter 2007 and starting knitting some Mittens of the Beast for yourself! Or a friend! When I am not knitting those, I am playing with that worthless mutt and finishing my Valentine Socks from Wool Girl! Super fun! or admiring my finished Groovy Socks using Sock Pixie. YEAH!

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Anna said...

Those socks look great.

And not all of us Christians are crazy enough to believe that those mittens are the mark of the beast. I read that thread and nearly died laughing.