Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Its Snowing! WTF!

snow 003
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Its snowing here today ! I for one cannot believe it because I keep checking TWC and it says it is going to be 54 and Sunny, but it is 29 and snowing, so I say WTF!!!! They have no clue. If you look real close you can see the snow in the pic, it is starting to pile up a bit. So, it is just the kind of snow that makes driving hard but not fun snow you can play in. It is very odd, yesterday it was 70 degrees. (But, no worries, climate change is a myth perpetrated by the Godless Liberals.) Now, back to my boring stupid paper on the Meso-Americans.....

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Anna said...

I hate the cold weather and all kinds of cold precipitation.

I took a class on Meso-American life and culture several years ago, and all I remember is a report I did on Aztec ritual sacrifice. LOL