Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thank Goodness December Is OVER!!

How happy am I that December is over? Ugh, first we have Christmas............hate it, hate it, but at least we are not swarmed by unruly annoying family members with questionable political beliefs...YET! It is just us and our ugly tree. We actually kept ourselves to a pretty strict budget this year, so we will be back being caught up by February or so, thank goodness. But why is this so stressful? It really is a ridiculous holiday, it truly is. Next year, I vote for Boxing Day.
Happy people with lots of loot. I stuck to the essentials this year and let the grandmother go ridiculous overboard with the Xbox and stuff.....Did I mention the two birthdays? That's right, two

ONE (she turned 2)

That's right TWO, ugh. But, everyone had a Happy Birthday.

I finished a baby hat!! I used Shibui sock yarn, that is great stuff! It works up like DIC which is wonderful. I am on a strict yarn diet, sue to money , just like everyone else so I am using stuff in my stash, but, luckily, my MIL send me some great sock yarn this year. Pretty Pretty stuff.

Unfortunately, I had to pass up on the new crop of Sock yarn clubs that have popped up in January. The one that really hurts is Wool Girl, I really really wanted to join that one, but I keep telling myself there is always next year!

Gratuitous Crowley shot, because he is so cute!

My latest sock OTN, Sock Pixie La Vie En Rose, quite possibly my favorite sock yarn. The colors are great and the yarn is so soft. Plus she has free patterns, what more could you want?

happy New Years Everyone


Anna said...

I'm glad the birthdays went well. Sorry you didn't have a nice Christmas.

Sock yarn is a great gift! My hubby and The Girl got me some bamboo yarn to make a scarf. It's sooo soft.

I love the sock you're working on. The colors are awesome! Can't wait to see the finished pair!

SockPixie said...

Your socks look great!

Caroline, the SockPixie