Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Waiting ........and Embossed Leaves

This morning, we are waiting to hear back from one of the mortgage companies. We applied at two, Wells Fargo and a small company in Huntsville that deals alot with Boeing and the local market. I tend to have more faith in them, they seem to know more of what they are talking about and always call us back when they say they will. We have a small down payment and it is looking good, not great, just ok, I guess. I hate this waiting to hear from them stuff. It is nerve wracking and it feel like our whole life is on hold until we do. We have a few houses picked out but until we get a pre-approval letter, there is no point on going on a house hunting trip.
On another note, that is my Embossed Leaves sock I have started on for my mother in law. I am using Dream In Color Smooshy Sock yarn in Petal shower. I am so surprised by how easy this pattern really is, it is just flying by. And it looks great, especially in this yarn. And below is my way-cool Slytherin sock, I have put the other on hold for hte Embossed Leaves.
On a stupider note, I got up this morning and saw some guys leaning against my fence and freaked out and called the police. The police told me I was over reacting and it was a deer or something, so I feel really stupid right now. I have a serious paranoid streak.


Anna said...

Those socks look great! I've had the Embossed Leaves on my to-do list for awhile now.

I was told by a police officer last year that I was overreacting. I live in a neighborhood with a bad reputation (of course I didn't know this when I moved in because I was coming from another state) but our community is very quiet. There was a shooting in the community behind our unit, so our leasing office told us to call the police if we saw anyone climbing over the fence into our community because it was trespassing. So I did. And the officer came to my door and basically told him not to waste his time. So I'm overreacting if I don't want hoodlums with guns wandering in my backyard.

Jen C said...

embossed leaves look great, love the colors. and Slytherin turned out nice too. I have case on with my ravenclaw and a couple of inches into it. Started on of my sock of the month with chameleon colorworks and it takes concentration but it is going fast as well and cant seem to switch gears.

If the cops are ignoring you or blowing you off, call and speak to the watch commander and let them know what happened. Unless the cop was standing by your fence and said it was a deer he doenst know. It is unacceptable for a police officer to say that over the phone or even imply you are wasting their time. You are not. If you have a concern it should be addressed. Speak to a higher up and let them know when you called and who you spoke with if you know and tell them it was unacceptable and not appreciated to have your concerns and yourself treated that way.

Good luck with the mortgage co's!

kimmieknits said...

I am sorry to hear about your horriable morning, If I saw strange people here I would be concernd also, We live in such a small place that just seems weird. I agree with Jen C maybe this should be brought to sgt. major's attention. I hope all works out well for your house I know how badly you want to leave our deseret life.. LOL I am selfish I dont want you to move, I really want to learn to make those socks... That is my goal. I am looking forward to thursdays stich and bitch.. Until then Kimmie Knits a washcloth.. :)

Jen C said...

Chameleon Sock Club is definately worth it. The yarn is exquisite to work with, and soft and squishy. The August colorway is gorgeous as well and the pattern is the artists' interpretation of Rivendal from LoTR and is called that as well.