Monday, August 6, 2007

A Break From Socks, Sort of

This is my "Oriel Lace Scarf" in Panda Cotton that I have just started. I found this pattern at my LYS, it was written by one of the instructors there. There was a sample of it at Black Sheep Wool Company
and I just had to try it. I have never really done any lace yet, but this pattern is really easy and the panda cotton is perfect fir it, I think. It shows off the color and makes it nice and stretchy.
My slytherin sock................what can I say. i think i just do not care for this yarn. It is really hard to knit with. It is splitty, does not hold the stitches well and pulls out of shape. But I must finish them
My sleepy baby.........and my brand new Dream In Color Smooshy Sock yarn in Petal Showers. Yum Yum.
On a crappier note, don't you hate when your ex decides to get cute with child support? That is always nice. Because you know you can always decide that you don't want to feed them that day, or buy them shoes, or even get out of bed to take care of them that month. I really think it is more important that he gets to make that payment on his sports car or his shiny new boat. I imagine it is some comfort for the jackass to know that even though he decided to drop their health insurance, their step dad will pick it up and make sure they have all their shots for school and new backpacks and lunch money. Sorry,i am really seething............really really really seething. But, on the other hand....SMOOSHY SOCK YARN YEA!
I am signed up for the super cool tea swap, ARE YOU?


Anna said...

The lace looks great. So does the sock, although it's sad that the yarn is not so good.

Sorry to hear about your ex. Sounds like that's why he's an ex. At least you have a hubby that cares about you and the kids, and your kids have a mom who obviously loves them!

Jen C said...

Lace looks great, wish my first attempts were going as well, hmmm. Sleeping babies are the greatest, but mine would wake up in heart beat if i tried to prop something on him....

Call the courts, ex-es are a**es, have it docked out of his paycheck before he ever sees it, by court order, especially if he is unreliable with payments or late with the regularly.