Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break Sucks & Chickens & SPOILER

Spring break and summer vacation really suck. Seriously, they do. Here I am with a house full of kids who have nothing else to do buy fight and bitch at each other. Even the little one does not have preschool this week because they follow the school schedule. Why? I have no idea since I have to fucking pay them. It is asinine, it really is. There is nothing for these kids to do, kids do not play outside anymore, apparently. I have been told that since it is Holy Week, which I am not sure what that is, there is a lot going on at the churches, but I do not feel comfortable with that, so I just sit here and listen to them fight and scream all damn day. So, here we are falling behind in the world in terms of scientists and engineers. Those damn kids should be in school.

Those are my new chickens, a spur of the moment purchase that I am seriously living to regret. Not because they aren't neat and fun but because the kids won't leave them the fuck alone for 5 damn minutes and because I cannot seem to motivate my husband to build them a coop so I can get them out of the playroom, which, of course is where the kids congregate and therefore, easier to constantly fuck with them. The point is eggs, you see. We are hoping, but being as they are constantly stressed out, so I have lost all hope in eggs, just hoping to keep them alive.

The socks I just finished for Shirley, the little girl we sponsor in El Salvador. Embossed Leaves using Louet Gems. very nice.

The 7 Deadly Spins package. ... very nice, though I am hearing the pattern is a little messed up, lots and lots of errata posts. I am a little disappointed it is a sock, I was hoping to break away from socks, maybe next package. I had some excess funds and used it to join each and every sock club I could get my hands on.


Anna said...

Cute chicks! My daughter would be busy mothering them. Good thing we can't have pets where we live!

Those socks are very nice! I love the pattern and color!

How many sock clubs did you join? I'm so jealous!

CTJen said...

Those chicks are cute. What kind are they? I have a friend who is getting a whole mess of guinea hens and a mini-flock of araucanas (she wants to be martha f'ing stewart, apparently). I am not a big fan of chickens, but I do like fresh eggs. Happy Easter!

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